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MARZ lines

Line catalogue from the MARZ spectrum viewer

Name Description Value Unit
Lyβ None 102.5722 nm
Lyα None 121.567 nm
[NV] None 124.014 nm
Si4 None 140.0 nm
CIV None 154.906 nm
CIII None 190.873 nm
MgII None 279.875 nm
[OII] None 372.8485 nm
Name Description Value Unit
[NeIII] None 386.981 nm
K None 393.3663 nm
H None 396.8468 nm
None 410.292 nm
G-band None 430.44 nm
None 434.169 nm
None 486.1325 nm
[OIII] None 495.8911 nm
Name Description Value Unit
[OIII] None 500.6843 nm
Mg None 517.53 nm
Na None 589.4 nm
[NII] None 654.984 nm
None 656.28 nm
[NII] None 658.523 nm
[SII] None 671.832 nm
[SII] None 673.271 nm